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Men Behaving Badly

And the women who refuse to suffer anymore!

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Are you tired of men lying to you? Are you tired of men feeling as though they can walk all over you? Are you tired of the double standard that men have regarding sexual relationships? Are you tired of men feeling that they are the only ones who can man the remote control? Are you tired of the head games they play? Then join us! We are women who refuse to lay down and take men behaving badly without a battle! We are smart, beautiful, independant women with a voice!

We also take the stories from the week and post a loser of the week poll! Post your story and you just might win!

NOTE: The comments and voting in this community are limited to members only. There is absolutely no annonymous commenting allowed! If you want to comment or vote you must be a member. Membership is open at this time. If you abuse the priviledge of being a part of this community, the membership will become by invitation only. If you are a troll and cause drama in this community, you will be thrown out without warning! This is the only warning you get to the rules of this community!